Panel A: Dictionary of words
Layoff Criminals Electricity Care Hoard Predicted Legislating
Layoffs Criminally Internet Symptoms Hoards Prediction Legislator
Aircraft Cybercrime Blackout Symptom Hoarded Predictions Legislators
Crews Cybercrimes Failure Crew Hoarder Forecast Legislature
Redundant Airline Failed Pilot Hoarders Forecasts Legislatures
Pilots plane Failures Diagnosis Hack Forecasting Cybercriminals
Downsize Theft Internet Diagnose Hacks Uncertain Cybercriminal
Downsized Cybertheft Generator Diagnosed Hacked Uncertainty Unemployment
Downsizes Steal Oil Recover Hacking Risk Aircrafts
Downsizing Stealing Covid-19 Recovered Hackers Risks Airplane
Cabin Stolen Covid Recovering Security Risked Airplanes
Income Prosecute Coronavirus Recovery Secure Riskier Asymptomatic
Incomes Prosecutes Pandemic Recoveries Secured Riskiest Redundancies
Wage Prosecutor Epidemic Recovers Securing Risky Symptomatic
Wages Prosecutors Virus Isolated Secures Riskiness Unemployed
Pay Prosecutorial Viruses Isolate Cyber Risking Attendant
Pays Prosecuted Vaccine Isolating Safety Default Attendants
Paid Law Vaccines Isolation Workers Defaults Downsizings
Payment Laws Doctor Quarantine Worker Defaulting Cabins
Payments Lawsuit Doctors Quarantines Work Defaulted Flight
Hours Lawsuits Medicines Quarantined Workforce Freeze Flights
Union Court Medicine Airport Bank Freezes Passengers
Unions Magistrate Nurse Airports Banks Freezing Economy
Unionised Fraud Nurses Hotel Banked Froze Business
Bargain Fraudulent Hospital Hotels Banking Bankrupt Vacation
Bargains Justice Hospitals Airfare Credit Bankruptcy Ambulances
Bargained Witness Emergency Airfares Credits Death Motels
Bargaining Witnesses Died Curfew Card Bankrupted Accommodation
Shutdown Witnessed Motel Restrict Cards Defer Recession
Shutdowns Testify Ambulance Restricts Mortgage Defers Recessions
Lockdown Testifying Patient Restricting Mortgages Deferred Possible
Lockdowns Testimony Patients Restricted Dead Deferment Possibility
Salary Victims Serious Restriction Loan Regulations Possibilities
Salaries Victim Seriously Restrictions Loans Regulation Precaution
Firing Victimized Intensive Facemask Interests Regulate Precautions
Fired Victimised Contagious Mask Interest Regulates Bankruptcies
Suspend Employer Spreads Face Rate Regulating Reregulation
Suspends Employers Spread Hygiene Rates Regulated Mortgaged
Suspended Employees Infections Hygienic Inflation Deaths Suspensions
Suspension Employee Infection Sanitize Debt Regulator Emergencies
Die Employed Infectious Sanitizes Debts Regulators Social
Quit Employment Infect Sanitized House Act Distance
Quits Labor Infects Sanitizers Houses Acts Distances
Jobs Labour Infected Sanitiser Housing Legislation Distanced
Crimes Power Outbreaks Sanitisers Predict Legislate Distancing
Crime Outage Outbreak Sanitizing Predicts Legislates
Criminal Loadshedding Health Hoarding Predictive Legislated
Panel B: Newspaper source
BBC Manila Bulletin The Australian
The Guardian The Scotsman The Irish Examiner
Australian Broadcasting Corporation The Canadian Press The Herald (Glasgow, Scotland)
Calgary Herald  China Daily
The Independent Times of India Pakistan Press International Information Services
All Africa Toronto Star Kuwait News Agency (Kuna)
The Australian Financial Review Business World (Philippines) The Advertiser (Adelaide)
The Globe and Mail The New York Times Press Trust of India
Xinhua News Agency Kyodo News The Hindu (India)
The Wall Street Journal The Times (U.K.) Jiji Press
The Telegraph (U.K.) The Daily Express (U.K.) National Post
EFE News Service Daily Mail (U.K.) Los Angeles Times
Ottawa Citizen The Irish Times USA Today
South China Morning Post The New Zealand Herald The Washington Post
Sputnik News Service Irish Independent Chicago Tribune